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Membership Eligibility:
Any woman having attained her sixteenth (16) birthday and is a lineal descendant of a man or woman who rendered loyal service for Texas prior to the consummation of the Annexation Agreement of the Republic of Texas with the United States of America on February 19, 1846, is eligible for membership. Any girl who is a member of the Children of the Republic of Texas is eligible for transfer to the DRT any time after her sixteenth birthday, but before her twenty-first birthday without payment of the initiation fee.

Fiscal Year:
The fiscal year of the DRT shall be from the first day of June to the thirty- first day of May inclusive.

Dues and Fees:
New applicants - $120.00 to DRT and $40.00 ($30 chapter dues, $10 processing)
Renewals - $80.00 to the chapter ($50 is for DRT, $30 is for Chapter )
Associate Members - $30.00
Reinstatement: $115.00 ($80 DRT ; $35 chapter)

A member who has resigned may request reinstatement as a Member-at-Large or to a chapter. A member who has resigned may be reinstated with the payment of the current year’s dues and, if to a chapter, when accepted by that chapter. A member who was dropped for non-payment of dues shall pay a reinstatement fee. DOWNLOAD REINSTATEMENT FORM & CONTACT the Registrar


Please contact Alamo Mission Chapters Registrar.
Monica Ashley 

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